“Public awards such as those conferred through the Australian honours system can assist in bringing about the cultural, unconscious bias shift that is required for women to achieve due recognition and leadership equality.”- Carole Schwartz AM, Honour a Woman Ambassador and Founding Chair of the Women’s Leadership Institute Australia.

 Congratulations! You are here because you have decided to nominate a woman. Time to get going… We suggest these steps:

  1. Read about the Order of Australia and the nomination process here at the Governor General’s website.
  2. Download the nomination form here.
  3. Bring a team of helpers together: a little sub-committee of people who know your nominee (such as professional colleagues, community members, her partner, siblings or children – everyone can help).
  4. Start writing the nomination. Emphasise the actions and the difference she has made which has resulted in an outstanding contribution.
  5. Contact a couple of referees who can testify to her contributions.
  6. Submit!


These are the guidelines which will be sent to the referees of the woman you are nominating for an Order of Australia. We need more women recognised for their achievements, and the breadth of their contribution to be recognised too. Most women are rarely ‘just doing their job’! So it helps to choose referees respected in their field, who can write with authority about your nominee.

Don’t hesitate, nominate!

If you are thinking of nominating a senior woman, perhaps a respected elder leader of the profession, please do this before it’s too late.