I want all that…and some imagination, vision, determination for a better world. Back to work in 2022, celebrating women’s voice and leadership. ⁦@honourawoman⁩ #EnoughisEnough

@JennaPrice @hula_grl @honourawoman And to you too Jenna, our exceptional @honourawoman ambassador! 365 days a year, it’s always the right time to nominate a woman for an Order of Australia!

Why not nominate, for an Order of Australia, that leading woman who’s made a difference to healthcare/childcare/not for profit/ your community/ our world! #honourawoman ⁦@CEWAus⁩ ⁦@WLIAus⁩ ⁦@FranklinWomen⁩ ⁦@BPWAust⁩ ⁦⁦

Co-founder of @honourawoman @CarolKiernan6 discusses her pursuit of gender equality in the Australian honours system in this edition of the Alumni anthology webinar series 👉
@UOWalumni #ThisisUOW

@hartnellyoung @JennaPrice @tanya_plibersek @CarolKiernan6 So many outstanding women are leading the response to #COVID19. If you know one, nominate her today. If you think she deserves an AC, AO, AM or OAM fill in the form on the Governor Generals website and submit (open every day of the year).

Local North Melbourne News article explains why I co founded Honour a Woman @JennaPrice @tanya_plibersek @hula_grl @CarolKiernan6 #honourawoman

@hartnellyoung @JennaPrice @tanya_plibersek @hula_grl Ever hopeful that the Governor General will address the ongoing, insidious gender inequality in the Order of Australia. It is not a standard that @hartnellyoung @hula_grl and I will ever accept and nor should he! @honourawoman #RecognitionMatters #EnoughIsEnough

@WikiWomenInRed @annreynolds988 Very grateful to you all and your project! Onwards to 51% of that cake in my favourite colour, red. Let’s talk about women! @honourawoman #RecognitionMatters #WomenInRed

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