constant attention to policy detail, working with like minded groups, developing links to Parliamentary individuals....that is the nest three year's work for gender equity policy

Honour a Woman ambassador ⁦⁦@SRyan4elders⁩ reminding us that political leadership needed for gender equality reform! ‘Women of Australia, be grateful for what Bob Hawke did’: Susan Ryan, Labor’s first female minister | Bob Hawke | The Guardian

‘The Greens support gender equity in this space, equal participation of women in employment, cultural and social opportunities’. What does your candidate think about gender equality in the Order of Australia? @JulianBurnside @Greens #honoursmatter #rolemodels @WomenSciAUST

The ALP has pledged to ‘reform the Australian Honours System to better recognise women’s contributions to our community’. What is your candidates view? @JanaforKooyong @AustralianLabor #genderequality #AusVotes2019 @WLIAus @WGEAgency @CEWAus @MarieCo92176893 @JennaPrice

My actual mum, cofounder of Honour a Woman and working hard to achieve 50/50 by 2020. So proud of her and all her great achievements to date. #mymum #voteforgenderequality

This Mum wants #genderequality in her lifetime. As a proud #honourawoman Ambassador, I'm calling on all my network to nominate a woman today AND to vote for a party/candidate with #genderequal policies.

#advancingwomen #VoteForGenderEquality #MyMum

50/50 by 2020! #MyMum #VoteForGenderEquality #honourawoman @EMILYsListAus @ausgenderequal @WGEAgency @WLIAus @WomenVoteAu @RedfernMichelle @hula_grl @hartnellyoung @CEWAus @AusWomenLawyers @JaneCaro @JennaPrice


-Apparently the case has been escalated to head office.

-My friend has also asked for a copy of the CCTV footage.

I will post relevant updates as they occur.

Thank you all for your time and compassion. It means a lot.

Candidates supporting our goal of gender equality in the Order of Australia. What do your candidates think? @zalisteggall @hula_grl @hartnellyoung #honourawoman #honoursmatter @ausgenderequal @WLIAus @TonyAbbottMHR @JoshFrydenberg @warringahvoices @DianaRyall @WomenVoteAu


White, male, named Andrew? You've got a good chance to become a CEO and of being awarded an Order of Australia Labor has pledged to ‘reform the Australian honours system’. Calling on all candidates to state your support for gender equality in the Honours!

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