@RedfernMichelle @honourawoman @MsStaceyAnne @DanielAndrewsMP @GabbyWilliamsMP @JaclynSymes Fab effort by the #VicGov being pro-active to nominate outstanding Vic women of merit for an #AustralianHonour. The results of June 2019 Queens B'day Honours demonstrate progress with 44% of Vic ♀️ honoured . #HonouraWoman aims for #5050by2020 across Australia. @officeforwomen

If you haven’t yet nominated a woman for an honour or award...please hop to it. I’m inspired to continually advocate for @honourawoman & #recognitionmatters by @hula_grl & @MsStaceyAnne from DP&C #HonouraWoman @DanielAndrewsMP @GabbyWilliamsMP @JaclynSymes


And when you do, please tick the box on the nomination form to have your nominee also considered for an Australian Honour.
@honourawoman @MsStaceyAnne

Honour a Woman applauds the pro-active efforts of the #VicGov to #ChangetheSystem and actively nominate more women for an #AustralianHonour to address gender inequality in our highest awards. Check out #RecognitionMatters for resources to help you #nominateher

Calling anyone who is working (or has worked) in the Victorian education system. Remember that outstanding female teacher or leader? If you believe her contribution should be recognised please #NominatHer and #HonouraWoman because #RecognitionMatters
@honourawoman @MsStaceyAnne

👩‍⚕️ "This inequity reflects the decisions women are faced with in every sphere of society – whether to do the required but unpaid emotional labour, or to make money." #opinion #doctor #medicine @smh

Our #WGEA | @BankwestCurtin report shows women who do make it to the top are likely to face a second #glassceiling when it comes to pay parity.

Read the report 🔖

Celebrating @naidocweek ‘Voice, Treaty, Truth. Let’s work together’. Celebrating inspiring Indigenous women leaders and nominating them for Orders of Australia like Carolyn Briggs AM #boonwurrung #honoursmatter #rolemodels #NAIDOC2019 @ABCIndigenous @Indigenous_AU @RecAustralia

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