Celebrating newly honoured Victorian advocate for migrant and refugee women, Amara Hamid OAM @AfricaMediaOZ @RW_Australia @OzRefugeeCounc @ausrefugee @multiculturevic @sbs @kingstoncc @VIRWCMosaic @Craig_Foster @TasChop @AlmaBesserdin @NyadolNyuon @RedfernMichelle @JennaPrice

Let’s celebrate women and their achievements while they’re still alive! #honourawoman #RecognitionMatters @MarieCo92176893 @SRyan4elders @SusanAlberti1 @HapgoodK @MVEG001 @DianaRyall @hartnellyoung @hula_grl @ashstreeterrrrr @JaneCaro @Janealver @Rubenstein_Kim1 @GeorgeDonikian

Please read this & consider nominating "troublemaking" (i.e. trailblazing) women to recognise their activism and, as importantly, the issues they advocate for.
#WhereAreTheWomen @BPWAust @honourawoman Difficult women not wanted in Australian Honours?

Difficult women not wanted in Australian Honours? A post by Honour a Woman for Women's Agenda

@CarolKiernan6 @honourawoman @HonMichaelKirby @michaelkoziol It's the system that needs to change, not individuals. Blaming people for not nominating worthy Australians fails to recognise the underlying structural biases in the #AustralianHonours
After 45 years, it fails to equally recognise women and people from diverse backgrounds.

Celebrating leading abstract artist, inspiring role model Yvonne Audette AM whose honour has been a long time coming. More nominations for women in arts for an Order of Australia needed! #RecognitionMatters @han_francisco @NGVMelbourne @PortraitAu @NatGalleryAus @AusCouncilArts

“Regional Australia would be Siberia without the ABC”

Tim Fischer was on to talk about his love for his family and his pet subject, steam trains.

But he also had a message to critics of the ABC.

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